Cerrillos del Coyote XC 2017

Cerrillos Del Coyote MTB XC Race - September 23rd, 2017

After a six-year hiatus, it's back! The Cerrillos Del Coyote race started as an offshoot of the Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta, and was held annually through 2011. We're happy to bring it back for 2017!




Held under USA Cycling Permit Permit # 2017-1793



Early-bird registration is open! Register via USA Cycling!

Early-bird registration will be $35 per participant. Prices rise on August 1st, so register early!

Registration will close on September 20th.


We need volunteers to help plan and conduct the race! If you're willing to help out in any capacity, please contact the race director, Rob Selina, by posting in the comments below, or on the Cerrillos Del Coyote XC Facebook Page.

Please visit the Volunteer Page for more information pertinent to volunteers.


The main course is 9.3 miles long as shown below. Racers will complete one to three laps depending on category:

  • PRO/CAT1/SS: 3 Laps, 27.9 miles
  • CAT2: 2 laps, 18.6 miles
  • CAT3: 1 lap, 9.3 miles

The race will start at 8:30am, with the first PRO/CAT1/SS group, with 5 minute delays between groups.


Prizes will be awarded for the top three racers in each category and age group (age break-down TBD).
  • PRO/CAT1/SS: Cash Purse
  • CAT2: Medals and Prizes
  • CAT3: Medals and Prizes


Friday 9/22

  • 4pm to 7pm - Packet Pick up / Registration / Check-In (Location TBD)

Saturday 9/23 (Race Day)

  • 7:00 am - Registration / Check-In Starts. Final Course Marking
  • 8:00 am - Registration / Check-in Closes
  • 8:15 am - Racer Meeting
  • 8:30 am - Male PRO / CAT 1 Start
  • 8:35 am - Female PRO / CAT 1 / SS OPEN Start
  • 8:40 am - Male CAT 2 Start
  • 8:45 am - Female CAT 2 Start
  • 8:50 am - Male CAT 3 Start
  • 8:55 am - Female CAT 3 Start
  • 10:00am - Estimated First Racer Finish
  • 12:30pm - Awards

Reaching the Course

The course is approximately 20 minutes (8.8 miles) from the Socorro Plaza, along the Quebradas Backcountry Byway. To get there:
  1. Take I-25 to Exit 152 (Escondida).
  2. Turn East, following the county road in a northerly direction towards to Escondida Lake Park. (~1.6 mi)
  3. Turn right, cross the Rio Grande, to the "T" at the village of Pueblitos. Escondida lake park will be visible to your north before you cross the Rio Grande. (~0.8 mi)
  4. Turn right, at the "T" on to Bosquecito road. (~0.9 mi)
  5. Turn left, on to the start of the Quebradas Backcountry Byway and proceed to the race start. (~2.6 mi)
  6. A small parking area can be found on top of the small rise on the South side of the road, where a road down into the valley T's in.
  7. Start/Finish: 34°06'31.66"N 106°49'39.64"W 

    Course Description

    The course is roughly 9.3 miles long and is made up of a combination of gravel road, double-track and single-track. You can download GPX tracks below or via the MTB Project page.

    The course can be ridden in either direction, but the race will run clockwise. The first leg will go east on the Quebradas Road, over rolling hills, giving the pack a little time to break up. The next leg goes South on more technical two-track roads, crossing a number of arroyos. Single track connectors provide some variety along this section. The next leg turns South-East on singletrack over two hogback ridges, returning for a short time to the south boundary road, then back to the "Madre" singletrack. The Madre is sweeping single track fun, used since the 2005 race. It turns north, and returns to the start.


    Our first industry sponsor is legendary trials rider Ryan Leech, who's providing 10 courses for podium awards! Ryan has an excellent, well thought out set of training courses for essential riding skills, such as wheelies, manuals, track-stands, hopping, rocking, bunny hopping and cornering. Be sure to check out his site!


    Guerilla Gravity are kickin' in for the prize kitty! Check out their shred ready bikes, hand built in Colorado!

    This race wouldn't happen without our sponsors and volunteers. The NMT Bike Club and the Socorro Striders and Riders are committed to helping make this race happen, and we're grateful for their support!

    NMT Bike Club FB Page
    Socorro Striders & Riders

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