Do-it-yourself Bike Repair


4:00-6:00 pm Wednesdays

The club has moved! The NMT Bike Club Wrench-O-Thons are now held in front of the NMT Pool.

You do the work, but bike club members will provide instruction, parts and tools.

Students, staff and the community are welcome.

Minimum Donations

The club does not charge for their services but do accept donations to keep the event going. All we ask is that you reimburse the club for direct supplies used to repair your bike.

Here is a list of common items and their cost:
  • Tubes: $5/ea. w/ sealant.
  • Tire Sealant: $2/tire
  • Brake or Derrailleur cable: $3/ea.
  • Brake or Derrailleur housing: $1/ft.
  • Chain: $20

(Photos are of the old location at Macey Center. Please don't get confused - we're at the pool now..)

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